Most pet boarding businesses today offer behavioral training for dogs as an additional service at the facility. Since many people buy dogs from animal shelters, these dogs may have unpleasant behaviors and require obedience training or other behavioral coaching. In order for a deep bond to exist between human and dog, the dog usually needs some type of training to instill positive behaviors and discourage negative ones. Many pet boarding businesses throughout the country now offer these services so that people can avoid bringing their dogs to several different businesses for their needs.

Pet boarding facilities offer many different types of training for dogs, including basic, intermediate and advanced obedience, puppy socialization, behaving on a leash, and behavioral training for dogs with all different personalities. The trained staff can coach dogs with an aggressive, fearful, shy, or overly hyper personality, and offer specialized programs for each type of dog. Dogs will learn commands like sit, stay, heel, stand, come, and leave it. Advanced classes often offer more commands such as how to get pets to stay or come from out-of-sight, and off-leash heel, stay, and come.

Some pet boarding facilities even offer in-home training if it suits the owner’s needs better than on-site training. While behavioral training costs differ across the country at these facilities, the behavioral training usually lasts a minimum of eight weeks. The facilities also teach owners how to communicate with their dogs, reward dogs for good behavior, and scold them for bad behavior. Since the primary relationship is between the owner and the pet, both must learn how to effectively communicate with one another. The trainers know the importance of training for both parties involved, and can teach the owner how to handle his or her pet to make the relationship enjoyable and worry-free.

Do Dogs Really Need Behavioral Training?

It depends on the dog’s current behaviors and habits. For dogs that continually show aggression toward owners or other dogs, act fearful in doing simple tasks, such as going on a walk, or bark constantly, they will need behavioral training. Also, if the owner buys the dog from an animal shelter, these dogs likely have not had much human interaction and will need to learn how to communicate with the new owner(s). Dogs normally fall in the middle of the spectrum, meaning their behavior is not excellent or horrible, just average. Usually, dogs only require basic or intermediate behavioral training to be able to interact well with owners and other dogs.

Do All Pet Boarding Facilities Offer Behavioral Training?

Not all of them do, but doing a search online can provide answers and also allow cost comparisons. The places offering behavioral training usually provide both private and group classes depending on the dog’s needs. Obviously, if the dog needs better social skills, the group class would be perfect for him or her. If the dog needs to learn basic commands, a private lesson might be more appropriate.